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Have you ever thought that you or your organisation might not be getting full potential of your audio, video or lighting systems? We have written several courses to help you develop your skills and get the most out of your installation.

Basic Audio Course  
This course is intended for the absolute beginner and will set the candidates on the road and get them started to gain experience to carry out basic audio operation and setup and is a good stepping stone to the intermediate course.  

Intermediate Audio Course  
This course is intended for people who have a basic knowledge and understand all the concepts listed in the basic audio syllabus. The course contains a recap of the relevant areas of the basic course.  

Advanced Audio Course  
This course follows on from the intermediate course and is ideal for people who wish to master all aspects of live audio. Again the course also draws on relevant recaps from both the basic and intermediate courses.  

Basic Lighting Course  
This course like the basic audio course is intended for the absolute beginner. The course covers all the basics to start lighting a show.  

Moving Lighting Course  
This course has been written to get people started in moving light by equipping beginners with the structure to programme shows or to run shows on the fly. A large amount of creativity is required to programme moving light and this can be developed by delegates after the course. The course is taught on one of two popular desks the Zero88 FatFrog/LeapFrog or the Avolites Pearl Expert.  

Video Media Course  
This course was written to address the desire to incorporate multimedia into presentations and performances. The course includes the setup of relevant equipment and it's theory of operation.