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We have an excellent range of lamps, gel, gaffa tape, lx tape, batteries & plugs in stock at great prices.
Hire Stock Update
We have recently updated all hire stock on the website with all the new stuff which is in the warehouse...

Covered Staging

Our covered stage system is based on our quickstage platform system and is ideal for use in dry or wet weather. Wind restrictions do apply though, we provide annenometers with these systems to ensure safety of users. Each stage is provided with a zipped door access on each side with steps or two front steps. The stage height can vary between 1 and 2 meters with height from deck to apex of roof varying from 3.5 to 4.5 meters on the 7.2 meters & 4.5 to 5.5 meters on the 12 meter. PA wings are also available and can be extended to provide monitoring positions and quick change rooms. The 12 meter stage has a small covered backstage area to allow for crossing in the dry. Banners and branding can be attched to the front skirt, the back wall and speaker skrims on PA wings, please contact us for details.

What does it cost?

Both our 7.2 meter and 12 meter systems are available in 1.2m sections although the system should be at least 4.8 meters in depth for stability. For the 7.2 meter wide system the 1.2 meter depth sections we charge ?225 per day plus transport and errection. For the 12 meter wide system the 1.2m depth sections we charge ?300 per day plus transport and errection. The errection costs depend on the size of the stage the 7.2 meter system can be errected by 4 people in about 5 hours and the 12 meter system by 6 people in about 6 hours. However the rate will be affected by the distance from our depot. The 7.2 meter system can be transported on a 7.5 Ton Truck and the 12 meter system on an 18 Ton Truck. Please see our crew and logistics rates page for our current rates.


We can work with you to help you work out the best and most cost effective solution for your event. We can complete CAD drawings for complex builds to help you visualise the design solution for your event. We are happy to where possible make site visits for confirmed bookings to ensure that no issues are not considered before build day although this is often unecessary.


We can provide many different types of coverings for our stages to suit your event. We can cover stages in 3mm ply should you wish to paint the surface, we can also provide and fit exhibition carpet or drosselmeyer, event and consor dance floor at excellent rates and of course as standard the deck comes in a black finish which is stained rather than painted to ensure a smooth surface is maintained. (On request we can supply samples of the coverings)