Great rates on consumables
We have an excellent range of lamps, gel, gaffa tape, lx tape, batteries & plugs in stock at great prices.
Hire Stock Update
We have recently updated all hire stock on the website with all the new stuff which is in the warehouse...

Dry Hire Stock

What does dry hire mean?

Dry hire is the rental of equipment for use by the person hiring the equipment. This is different from system rental where equipment is supplied with and set up by our staff.

For information on system rental please click here.

Audio Equipment
Speakers, amplifier, mixers, radio microphones, microphones, playback & record, communication and cables.
Lighting Equipment
Generic Stage Lighting, inteligent moving head lighting, control desks, dimmers, disco lighting and special effects.
Video Equipment
Projectors, fast-fold screens, plasma screens, media servers, scalars, cameras, and dvd players.
Mains Distribution
Single & three phase distribution systems for 32a, 63a, 125a, 400a, and cable.
Staging & Rigging
Stage systems, lite deck, winch stands, chain hoists, truss, drapes, stage braces, stage weights.
Kits for seminars, bands, vocal pa, lighting, discos and drama performance.